OMG we are racing up to the end!

It is strange. We seem to have just finished our ‘listening’ stage of data collection & interviewing and tomorrow we need to review our recommendations!!

While we are just at the half-way mark of our three week project, we need to have our completed recommendations ready for a checkpoint meeting tomorrow. It is after 11pm and we have just finished our last review to prepare for our meeting tomorrow

Let me catch you up on yesterday and today.

On Sunday, we had a wonderful day. Sampsa and Henry had their return tennis match with one of our key stakeholders and KJ, Ravi, Ruth and I went walking in the Halla Mountain World Heritage area with another of our stakeholders. Sampsa and Hyun Chung followed their tennis match with a full Korean breakfast including Makoli, the milky rice wine we had tried last week!

Our walk took us 14kms into and back from the Halla Mountain park up to the Saraoreum peak, itself a volcanic crater with a lake.

The recent rains have submerges the boardwalk so we had to remove shoes and socks and wade through to get to the viewing platform of Halla Mountain where we broke out our lunch. This is a panorama of the crater lake:


Yesterday, Monday, included a final scoping and key observation review with Vice Governor Bang, then work on development of our recommendations. We also met with the Olle Foundation – an extraordinary community group that has built 26 walking trails covering 400+kms right around the island. Driven completely by volunteers and donations, they have not only built the trails, but helped local residents open guest houses, train them on basic tourism and business principles, and established a formative international network of similar trails.

Today we had further interviews and more work on our recommendations, building out the shell of our final deck. We also had a wonderful brainstorming session together with five Jeju National University students who brought some great ideas! After our mentoring session on Saturday we invited students to tell us how they thought they could help and we picked five of the many emails we received. The ideas were good enough for us to offer to pass them on to the Provincial Government, and we had our students join us for dinner.

The 30 min travel time to and from our hotel is a slight inconvenience, but we are finding we tend to de-breif on the day ahead or just completed. We do travel in style, thanks to our wonderful Smarter Cities team led by the amazing Ji-Hyun. Here is our van..



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