Kyoto SCC Day 1 and 2 – Kick off meeting in IBM Japan HQ and Heading to Kyoto

Our team of Smarter Cities Challenge Kyoto met in IBM Japan HQ for the first time! After a sharing session with the SCC Date team about their experiences, we met with the leader of SCC in IBM Japan, Yoshizaki-san and with the IBM General Manager, IBM Japan, Martin Jetter. Their perspective and insight will be very helpful to our team.


team pic

In the afternoon we had a discussion session in preparation for our interview with Mayor Kadokawa of Kyoto City on Monday morning. Next morning we departed Tokyo for Kyoto via Shinkansen. We saw beautiful Mount Fuji from the bullet train!



After lunch we did some local sightseeing, including Yasaka shrine and Gion. We saw a beautiful Maiko-san (Geisha) there.


We had a great team building dinner at the side of Kamogawa (Kamo river).





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2 responses to “Kyoto SCC Day 1 and 2 – Kick off meeting in IBM Japan HQ and Heading to Kyoto

  1. It is rainy season in Japan now and it’s good for romantic atmosphere of Kyoto city with rain. All of you can feel Japanese culture and teach Kyoto citizen their value what they aren’t aware.

  2. Koji

    Please understand that most people who lives in affected area against idea of City’s plan. Tourism is NOT only one thing in Kyoto. Tourism is big and draws many people, but there are 1.4 million people live in packed city.

    Our neighbor are already tired of tourism and normal life is adversely affected. Please listen to people who has life here, not just city employees nor preselected by them.

    It seems good, but forgets people who has normal life, and Japan and Japanese cities do not have open space as a US cities.