It takes a village…

Working on the Smarter cities challenge at Buffalo reiterates on thing that we hear constantly..It takes a village..To get children on the right path of education, investing in their future, get the various constituencies to play nice and play together, for the various stakeholders to find that common ground in making it all work..It does take a village.

One constant theme that we all are seeing in our various interactions with folks representing the community of the city of Buffalo, the service providers such as the Employment Opportunity centers or Urban Leage, the owners of the businesses who are seeing a very positive vibe through out the city or the leaders of the City driving policy making – all have the best intentions for the City of the Buffalo. All see a resurgence. All see a very positive growth prospects. All of them are committed to seeing the city of Buffalo seeing its growth potential, just like it did during the prime time of 1950s. I have to say, its rare to see such a collaborative effort across the various areas of the city with a common goal – Buffalo Rising. This is a great testament of the people of Buffalo coming together and working together to see the growth prospects becoming real. This is a wave that will certainly rise the City of Buffalo and the people to higher prospects, higher levels of possibilities. I am inspired by the unity and optimism. A great representation of the spirit of the community that lives in many corners of this country and in many parts of the world.

Way to go Buffalo!


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