Christchurch – Early Impressions Post Earthquake

Christchurch New Zealand has recently suffered a series of earthquakes which caused massive damage in the central city and some suburban areas along with the death of 185 people.  The result has been a decrease in population and the movement of businesses out of the restricted “red zone.”  Most of the central city area is unusable as nearly 70% of commercial buildings are scheduled to be demolished.  In the next 10 years, an estimated $40 billion will be invested in rebuilding and renewing Christchurch.  That money will come from private and public sources, and will be spent on many different projects.  There is no doubt those projects will each have huge economic and social impact.  But what are the opportunities to do things differently and maximize the benefits for the city as a whole?  That’s the focus of our team of six IBM Executives as part of the #smartercities challenge and here’s a quick video that shows our initial impressions of the city and the task ahead:



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  1. akoeste

    Nicely done with the video – really enjoyed hearing the perspectives of the team.