Word Clouds, writing, and the final report

Final Report Word CloudFinal Report Phrase NetIt’s coming down to the final week for Team Fresno, and we’re buried pretty deep in writing the final report and preparing for the presentation.   We’re getting pretty excited about the final product.  Bill hooked us up with a local copy of Many Eyes and we had a chance to start doing some analysis on our report – we’ve churned out over 40 pages of content backed up by more than two dozen references.  Distant memories of writing final papers from college started to creep back in.    We kept wishing that we’d been able to have all of our notes in searchable docs instead of on pages of notepads.  After interviewing more than 60 people, it would have been really interesting to do some analytic analysis on all that raw data as well as just relying on our own synthesis of it and observation of our notes.

IMG_5797IMG_5804Lucky for us, it’s not all just being locked into the teamroom writing and analyzing.  Craig invited us over for an awesome dinner – nice to not be in restaurants for a change.  I’ve still been enjoying morning coffee hanging out with Ephraim at Fresno Brewing Co.  Every morning I go in and might see Kate from Downtown Fresno, or I might run into Dan from the Food Commons or Elliot from the city.  It very much feels like a small, tight knit, and very friendly community.  Everybody here has been incredibly welcoming.

We’re all starting to think about what it’s going to be like when we leave here at the end of this week and go back to our lives and our jobs and our regular non-Fresno world.  Hard to imagine not going everywhere with 6 other people, or being focused on something other than downtown.  I’m going to miss the team, but I’m also going to miss Fresno – this has been a great experience.

IMG_5809Mayor's BriefingIn our last bit of work today, we briefed the Mayor on our findings, and had a film crew show up to follow us around a bit.  They’re shooting one of the Smarter Cities videos for us, and we’re trying very hard not to be too awkward on camera (well – I’m trying – the rest of the team is succeeding).  We’ve now got the report to update, and then the public presentation and briefing in two days.

Team with Mayor Large-2


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