ArtHop and CartHop

IMG_5691So we took a break from what’s starting to be our routine (pouring over data in the teamroom and working on our final report and presentation to the Mayor/City Council).  For lunch, we checked out CartHop, which is a gathering of food trucks coming together in various places.  Some folks here will claim that you can’t get the downtown office workers to leave their buildings and support local vendors, but the food carts argue against that.  IMG_5688They’re tech-savvy, too – Dusty Buns managed to expand their business to brick and mortar.    Mattie’s Wood Fired Pizza is driving a kickstarter campaign to buy a bigger truck.   The food from all of them is awesome, too – I think I saw a “Cordon Bleu Alumni” sticker on one of them.

IMG_5694IMG_5706After more work, it was on to ArtHop.  All the galleries and a lot of non-gallery businesses in town open up late and share their space with artists.  There’s a huge amount of creativity in Fresno, and it was great to see so much on display.

IMG_5682IMG_5698At Warnors there was a collection of Fresno State interior design students who had each selected a building and done up a new layout for their interior,  complete with detailed drawings and renderings.

All of this brings a ton of people to downtown, and they spend, connect, and enjoy themselves.  Things like ArtHop and CartHop are a key part of the overall strategy of revitalization.


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