Giving Back to the Knoxville Community


Saturday morning, the team gave back to the community by planting four Dogwood trees in a lovely neighborhood park in Knoxville.  We were guided by Jim Corsese, a local arborist who loves his trees and has a fun sense of humor:  “How do you know a Dogwood tree?  By it’s bark.”  He had many more where that one came from 🙂  Tim Parker, Director of Recreation and Beautification for 4th and Gill Neighborhood was on hand to thank the IBM team for volunteering our time to plant the Dogwoods in their neighborhood park.    Jim also took us to the Old Gray Cemetery, home to the largest tree (a red oak) in Knoxville — you can see it’s trunk is bigger than all of us put together.

Dogwood Day red oak2             Dogwood day red oak

Afterwards Anika went off hiking the Smoky Mountains, even in the rain, after which she enjoyed a well-deserved, decadent cupcake.

Anika's cupcake



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2 responses to “Giving Back to the Knoxville Community

  1. Vivian Finlay

    Sounds fascinating – the whole experience.

  2. Anne McNeill

    Wish I could have been with you all. Glad you got some rest and relaxation time. Thanks for sharing the experience.