Week One — Day 1 of our Knoxville Challenge

Day 1 — Meet the team.  We had all arrived by Sunday evening in time for a traditional southern meal, including home fried chicken, mac & cheese and fried okra — we have all decided we won’t be losing any weight during this assignment, despite the hard work!

After orientation on Monday, we met briefly with Mayor Rogero at City Hall and received an overview from her team on issues and expectations related to the energy sustainability challenge we’re here to address.  You can see us all here in the City Office (left to right:  Rudi Loepp, Ottowa, Canada; Jeni Vancura, Armonk, NY; Anika Schumann, Dublin, Ireland; Debbie Bonner, Memphis, TN; and Avalyn Pace, Dallas, TX).  Following our briefing, the city team took us to meet and talk with many of the low income housing residents who are impacted by the high cost of energy in Knoxville and receive emergency funding to pay their bills — it was an eye opening experience getting a first-hand view of the challenge we are facing.  These residents really want to be helped, but in many cases, they just don’t know how.


Another great but not so light dinner Monday night.  I suppose we need our energy for the stakeholder/media kickoff on Tuesday morning, followed by a number of stakeholder interviews in the afternoon.  Stay tuned…



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6 responses to “Week One — Day 1 of our Knoxville Challenge

  1. Barbara

    Jeni, I’ll be following your progress and blogging. It sure is fascinating work and your team is making a difference. It shows the power of IBM and our great people.

    • Appreciate your support, Barbara — you’re right it is a fascinating process to be a part of, and we look forward t making a difference to this community.

  2. It will be a great pleasure for us, Mom and Dad of Anika, to follow the dedicted work of our daughter in Knoxville. And we hope it will be a success for many people in this beautiful city who adressed by this IBM support.

  3. Vera

    Thanks for the updates. Clearly you are taking on a very important project. We wish you and the IBM great success in making a positive contribution to the city and residents of Knoxville.