And now, to our feature presentation… Obrigado Porto Alegre!

Last night was a long one… rehearsal, finalizing the presentation, embedding the videos, finalizing the demos, etc.  A special thanks to our colleagues Sergio Borger and Mateus Molinaro Motta from IBM Research in Brazil.  Mateus did an outstanding job customizing the Smarter Board technology to our needs (more on this later), and we were sametiming (IBM-ish for instant messaging) until late, very late at night.  This morning, we hop on the bus, and with Lisa, continue working on the last minute logistics:


A lot of excitement on the bus:


We arrive quickly to Fundação Iberê Camargo (last night it took us over two hours to get back to the hotel!).  The team is ready:


P1090730 P1090731 P1090732

I will shamelessly point you to Daniely Votto’s tweet during the presentation:

Mark takes the stage

Patrick explains what a Cognitive City is about.

Paul shares our views on Collaborative Decision Making.

Julie explains what an Engaged City is about.

Alain wants to transform Porto Alegre into a leader in Connected Transportation:

Finally, Derek explains what are the key enablers to a Cognitive City:

Mark concludes the presentation, and the deputy Mayor, Sebastiao Melo responds to the team, emphasizing how IBM and Citi can collaborate by helping the citizens!

As we take the Q&A, we ran a demo of the Smarter Board Technology from IBM Research in Brazil…  The demo ran flawlessly thanks to Sergio and Mateus who were carefully monitoring it from Sao Paolo:

SB 2

The presentation is very well received…  Now it is up to Porto Alegre to accept the challenge and start its journey to become a Cognitive City… and we will support the city in any way we can.

Off to a Churrascaria, to enjoy a great lunch:

P1090760 P1090762 P1090766


I think I asked for the best desert (creme de Papaya with Creme de Cassis, strongly recommended!):


And back to the hotel for a debrief:



Obriagado Porto Alegre!!!






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