D-Day approaching… our final rehearsals

Today was spent in rehearsal and interviews.  Some of us took seriously the fact that only the top part needed to be formal…



After final touches, and translation into Portuguese, we were headed to Fundação Iberê Camargo, the venue of our final presentation tomorrow.  We were actually invited to a cocktail and a visit of this museum on our first weekend.  The museum is located by the river, with a gorgeous view (Lisa and Fernanda working relentlessly on the latest translation):



Down to the auditorium where the main event will happen tomorrow.  The good news: wi-fi works, sounds and image work, and the auditorium is really nice!

P1090684 P1090685


The not so good news?  Cell-phone reception is not great.  Actually, out of the main Brazilian cell phone companies, only Claro seems to work.  This will affect our “surprise” for tomorrow, but nothing will break this strong team.  We are ready with our major messages: what will transform Porto Alegre into a Cognitive City!  Collaborative Decision Making, Engaged City and Improved Citizens Lives… all built on a solid foundation of Key Enablers.

As we exit the museum, we had a long wait for our taxis to arrive.  But we did enjoy a gorgeous view of the sunset on top of the river:

P1090688 P1090689 P1090691 P1090693 P1090694 P1090696 P1090697 P1090701 P1090702 P1090708 P1090712 P1090714 P1090715


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