Work continues

Monday work resumed at full steam…  We had the weekend to digest all the information we absorbed during the first week (although we all felt we had been here for at least a month).  We prepared for our first major checkpoint with Mr. Cesar Busatto, secretary of Governance, which happened on Tuesday.  Our meeting confirmed that our findings and understanding were in line with Mr. Busatto’s views.  However, it was also clear that Mr. Busatto expected us to get to the next level of detail…  Much work had been done, but much more remains ahead of us.

This week we have started splitting the work, with workstreams focused on Data, Participation/Communication, Finance, Governance and Cognitive City.  We also scheduled follow-up meetings with some of the stakeholders we had met last week (e.g., Procempa – the IT company, the Participatory Budgeting counselors, etc.) and a few new ones.

One of the most interesting meetings happened today, where we had the opportunity to get with the Porto Alegre CITE team – Comunidade + Inovação + Tecnologia + Empreendedorismo (Community, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship), a technology/entrepreneurship greenhouse funded by local entrepreneurs such as José Cesar Martins who hosted us in his house upon our arrival.  We met in Nos Coworking,

Coworking is a different way of working, where you share the same work environment with other professionals, without losing your independence.

And the cool thing is that by sharing this space, you feel like you’re in a laboratory of ideas, where every day, every hour, new experiences happen. Projects and business can be worked collaboratively and while you expand your network and make new friends.

We met there Walker Massa, Director of Nos Coworking, Marcelo Bohrer a young entrepreneur that created his own Design Company , and others.  We heard about the passion (and frustration!) around Porto Alegre, the city, its government, etc.  No doubt that this teams can be the agents of change that the city is desperately looking for…  we will meet them again!IMG_20130417_193407[1] IMG_20130417_193418[1] IMG_20130417_193630[1] IMG_20130417_193700[1]  IMG_20130417_193814[1] IMG_20130417_194002[1] IMG_20130417_195842[1] IMG_20130417_210833[1] IMG_20130417_193358[1]


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