The Best Team

We are now heads down in our work, dividing tasks, determining schedules and prepping for a check point with the Mayor of Date City. The count down is on — a week and a day before we head home. While I greatly miss my home and my family, I couldn’t ask for better colleagues and teammates. Everyone is bringing their own expertise and ability to the table, we all listen to each other, and go back and forth with our suggestions and ideas. And after two weeks of eating basically every meal together, we still really enjoy each other’s company. I’m already anticipating how much I will miss everyone on the team when we return home.

Fukushima and Data City have become a home away from home. Everyone, including the government officials, the farmers and the business people, have embraced us, making us feel welcomed and valued. It has been a true pleasure and luxury to devote so much time to a project that has the potential to really make a difference for this community.

The time we have left will require all of our attention to ensure we deliver the best ideas and recommendations that we can.


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