Halfway Home

Today marked the halfway point in our project and we are starting to really narrow our thinking around the best set of recommendations to help Date City reinvigorate its agriculture industry. We continue to meet with people who play a role in the growing, selling, marketing and buying fruits and vegetables. The interviews are enabling us to confirm our assumptions.

On life in Japan: Tonight we were in our second earthquake since we got here. There was a small one the other night around 10:30 p.m. and what felt like a larger one tonight around 8:30. The table in the restaurant was shaking pretty good, even our Japanese colleagues got a little concerned for a minute.

Dessert tonight was fresh peaches grown, sliced, jarred and frozen by a local farmer in Date City. We helped her and her husband prune their peach trees earlier in the week and she gave us the peaches. We’ve been carrying them around for almost two days now and finally had them after dinner. They were delicious.

Tomorrow, we are meeting with two university professors who have conducted a survey on radiation and food safety.



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