Summary whom we’ve met

People whom we have met

– City mayer
He has concern on Food Safety and Industrialization of Agriculture.
The city can produce safe foods by their effort, but the market doesn’t accept their products.
Aged people is going to quit and younger people doesn’t take over.

– Industrial Department Manager

His responsibility is thinking both agriculture and products as industry of the city. His main concern is low pricing of their products in the market. The price was went down to almost half in 2011, and come back to 80% in 2012. But is not recovered completely. He is searching new way to sell their products with more high price.

– People from JA ( Agricultural Association )

His responsibility is wide variety of services for agricultural workers including buying, selling, financing, promoting, etc.
His main concern is same as above, the price down of agricultural foods from the city. Most of fruits doesn’t sell in Tokyo market, so they sold to other areas with lower price. Loosing credibility must be big reason.

– Dedicated farmer

He is working as farmer with his wife employing part time worker some time. He had tried to expand their business to another way to sell products but gave up after the disaster. He has no intention to continue agricultural work caused by the mother of his grandchildren doesn’t feed his products to his grandchildren. He has been thinking to start hydroponic culture, but it has been stopped by the disaster.

– Manager of Tourism and Products association

His responsibility is to increase tourism and to promote the products from the city.
His concern is insufficiency of their promotion. He thinks that they has no enough knowledge of newer way or tools to promote things to resent young people. From his word, for taking over of agriculture issue, no incentives for farmers could be reason.

– Individual farmer ( woman )

Her son remains unmarried. Most of farmers had been down by the disaster. She hopes to available shared process plant produced by the city.

– Store Manager of the Direct Shop ‘n-Mehbe?’

His responsibility is to sell products in the area of the city of Date. ‘Chi-sho, Chi-san’ is the word means the products sells locally so we produce. As same as JA’s business, their business is went down about 50% in 2011, and come back to 80% in 2012. Their target in 2013 is more than 2010. They have complete information and method to explain status of decontamination and safety of products. It had to be effective. He hopes to protect their value in their area rather than internet shopping.

We will meet and talk more in this week additionally. Then we plan to build our recommendation based on their words and our understanding and our experiences.


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