Our Weekend in Japan

For some reason, the blog I posted earlier this weekend is not showing up in this space, so I’m just going to start over. Yesterday, we took a trip to Sendai, about 50 miles north of Fukushima City. We saw a few beautiful temples and mausoleums and even walked around the area by the water. That part of Sendai was flooded three feet during the March 11, 2011 tsunami, but was spared a great deal of the destruction, since it was protected by an inlet.

We rode the high-speed bullet train, which is amazing, and walked a great deal through the city. Saturday night, the streets were cluttered with young students hanging out, playing music and skateboarding.

Today we are heading back to Date City for the Cherry Blossom festival. The mayor of Date extended a personal invitation to our group. We will join him on a sightseeing train ride and a picnic under the trees.




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