Gaining perspective from multiple viewpoints

by Yukihisa Yonemochi, IBM Japan, Smarter Cities Challenge team. (please see Japanese version below)

We had interviews with two people. One was a person from association for Tourism and Products, and another was a person from the Certified Field Farmers. The observations from them what we made is that they have different perspectives and aspects by themselves.

From the Association for Tourism and Products, the person has strong view point for promotion and marketing for processed products and tourism resources. They are in charge of sales and profit from those business. We found they have insufficient information or knowledge of brand new technology, facilities, or tools, such as Social Network, smart phone, Social platform for Social Applications, or emerging business model like affiliate advertisement, freemium model, drop shipping, etc.

The person who is behalf of farmers has another problem on them. They are struggling on the price of their products down on the market, reserving seasonal workforce, aging problem, or taking benefit by each farmers, etc.

Today, I understood that we need to various approach from many perspectives and aspects to give higher value to them from IBM.





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