Day 5 – Deep Immersion

Our fifth day was a most intense immersion into our project, meeting with key stakeholders, and getting to better understand this wonderful city.  We started meeting with Procempa, a government-funded agency that handles all IT and Telecommunications for the city.  Here is an web article of our planned visit to Procempa.   They describe to us their state-of-the-art infrastructure they have built for communication in the city, key projects in telemedicine, Electronic Medical Records, etc.  One project they were very proud of enabled remote ultrasound capabilities, which increased the coverage of young women having access to Ultrasound from 30% to 80%!  No doubt this will be a strong infrastructure upon which to build a Cognitive City:

P1090171P1090174 P1090175

They also took us to the control center, where they have a real-time view of the city:

P1090182 P1090184

All accompanied by the Cafezinho!


Our next meeting was with Fala Port Alegre, the call-center that handles, followed by a very interesting meeting on the Digital City communications department.  Next to the department, there was a most interesting store / depot with books, hats, etc.  Apparently, it has always been there and it is not store.


But definitely, the star of the day was the meeting with the Council of Participatory Budgeting.  They were convoked for an extra session, where they agreed to take a few questions from us, and they asked us in turn a few questions.  This was democracy at its best, and the representatives came from the more disadvantaged regions of the city.  In the pictures below, you can see the auditorium, and the councellors driving the meeting.

P1090201 P1090205 P1090203

At the end of the meeting, we gathered together for a group picture.  Our meeting was also covered by the local media.


Our days started getting very significant media coverage:

#smartercities Challenge


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