Done and dusted!

Well we are done, we have one more banquet tonight!

The team is weary but happy, we have shed plenty of tears today with our support team, it is great to be going home, but I think each of us will agree that we are leaving a little bit of our hearts behind.  Enough said, thank you for the opportunity to be here, it was indeed a life changing experience, and for you, our readers thank you for sticking with us.  Goodbye.



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6 responses to “Done and dusted!

  1. Emma

    Great team photo!!! Thank you so much for your great supports in Taiwan.

  2. Paul

    Well done and thx for the blog

  3. akoeste

    Thanks to you and aco4per for your great blog entries! It’s been fun reading about your project.

  4. Vicky Yu

    Nice photo ! I believe this photo may not be taken by last night! We will miss you all, the best friends and promoter of Taiwan! Thank You, Salute!

  5. Teresa Lin

    It is a really nice picture and thanks for your choice Taiwan as your ESC country. We hope you enjoyed the life here and look forward to your next visit in the near future!

  6. pcoldico

    Thanks for all the kind comments, I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are indeed now ambassadors for Taiwan and for New Taipei and Taipei Cities in particular, we made friends for life there look forward to coming back as often as possible.