Alumni reflections: Shining a light on dark spaces

Jennifer Okimoto is an Associate Partner in IBM’s Social Business Center of Competence and was a member of the 2011 SCC team to Townsville, Australia. Recently she blogged about her experience at The Relevancy Index, writing:

We listened, and learned, and shared ideas, and visited schools and libraries, smart buildings and neighborhoods, cultural centers, turtle hospitals, farms and businesses. We collaborated with 100′s of people. We worked long hours, we ate all our meals together, we hiked together, we drank TONS of coffee…and a fair amount of wine. We presented back a vision that shined light on ‘dark spaces’ or perhaps it illuminated the opportunities of brightness where the city could accelerate its vision of sustainability. Through the leadership of some very special people, the City has taken this vision further than we ever imagined possible.

You can read more about her experience on the SCC Townsville project at The Relevancy Index here.

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