Why do we refer to New Taipei City as ‘New’?

Some of you have been asking why we refer to New Taipei City as ‘new’. That is because it is!

Taipei City is Taiwan’s capital city but since December 25th, 2010, there is another city called New Taipei City. The previous Taipei County was reorganised as a direct-controlled municipality and renamed New Taipei City.

New Taipei City is situated in the northern part of Taiwan surrounding the country’s capital, Taipei City. New Taipei city occupies 2,052 square kilometers of land and has a population of 3.9 million. The city is divided into 29 districts, and 1,032 boroughs. More than 80% of residents reside in 10 districts and over 70% of the population is from a different part of Taiwan.

For this assignment we are living in Taipei City but working in New Taipei City with the New Taipei Police Department.


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