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Sleeping; Better, now waking up around 5am, I can live with that!

So we are very lucky, we have a small bus at our disposal for traveling around for our work here and for our cultural experiences on Saturdays.

On Sundays we tend to go off and do our own thing, walking or using the excellent subway system in Taipei City.

For what seems to be the vast majority of inhabitants here they use motor scooters, it seems the vast majority are from one of the well known Italian scooter brands.


They are everywhere, hundreds and thousands of them, parked so close together that you cant squeeze anything between them, so many that I have no idea how you find your scooter again after you park it anywhere.


Not only that, but there are special rules that are not immediately apparent, for example on most major roads in the city scooters are prohibited from the left hand (fast) lane, this means they cant turn left at major intersections.

Instead of turning left there is a special box marked on the road in front of the traffic coming from the right, so the scooters zip into this box and then when the light changes they drive straight ahead and have achieved a left hand turn.

IMG_0349              IMG_0350

It is very worrying the first few times you are crossing the street with a green pedestrian signal and suddenly all these scooters are apparently driving right at you only of course they turn at the last minute into the marked area!

But isn’t it these differences that make traveling and experiencing different cultures so interesting and educational!

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  1. Peter, I really enjoy following your posts to see my city thru your eyes. Very refreshing. 🙂