Sleeping report, no change, still waking up too early but getting enough sleep to not be a complete zombi!

So Taiwan is an island that experiences a significant number of earthquakes, I have to admit I have felt any although we have already had one in excess of 5 magnitude since we have been here, I also happen to suffer from a fairly minor neurological condition called Essential Tremors (used to be called Benign Essential Tremors) which causes my hands to shake, sometimes uncontrollably, this is NOT an attempt to get any sympathy, I live a perfectly normal life and have managed it all my life, however it so happens that the condition affects my left arm more than my right and, as luck would have it, I am left handed.

What do either of the previous comments have to do with Chopsticks you might well ask, the answer is EVERYTHING.  Firstly I am in an environment where the only eating utensil in most instances is chopsticks, secondly everyone else besides our team grows up using them.  Trying to use chopsticks with my left hand results in throwing food at the rest of the team, while a lot of fun I get increasingly faint from hunger, so I am left with learning to use chopsticks with my right hand, I am continuously amazed  by the adaptability of the human body.

Here is one place for more information on my condition

I can only hope that the next earth and/or hand tremor doesn’t occur when I am trying to eat squid, with chopsticks in my left hand, watch out team!

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