CSI – New Taipei style

An interesting 2 days with the various forensics teams in New Taipei City. Not too much we can say about their work though. They have several impressive forensics labs including digital forensics, firearms, footprints, trace analysis, general forensics, DNA analysis and toolmarks. The labs have been used in a high number of cases with some very good results and criminals have been caught as a direct result of the forensics input.

For example, DNA and fingerprint forensics have ended a spate of 25 Nissan  car thefts. Footprint, toolmark and DNA combined with surveillance caught a thief who had been stealing for 12 years and an online search that started on shopping sites uncovered over 700 firearms.

Our team have been photographed every day we have been here, in meetings and on tours. The NTPD photographer is a forensics photographer and we have shared a joke that he is not used to photographing people who are still moving.

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