How much technology is enough technology?

For anyone following my sleeping issues I slept better last night, woke up at 4:50 this morning, a great improvement on 3:30!

Yesterday was an interesting day as Avril has documented, for an engineer it provided an excellent reminder that technology should be a tool to help achieve a goal, and that technology for technology sake is generally a bad idea.

Many of us, myself included sometimes, get so enamored with our own technology that we lose sight of the real problem and what is needed to solve it, the old “I have a hammer so everything looks like a nail” scenario.

So, we should always stop and think, what would this mean in the longer term, beyond the immediate sale of you product, even if the client is keen to buy, is this something that is going to work, be accepted and usable by the users, etc.

Too much deep thinking for this early in the morning, but I hope it makes you stop and think before rushing in to sell the latest gadget or whatever before you consider the real value proposition for this client, now and going forward.

And I didnt even mention “Dry Tofu Brothels!”

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