The struggles with Time Difference / Jet Lag

As Avril said yesterday was a full day and stretched my artistic abilities to their limits (really beyond my limits) but it was a very good introduction to Taiwan culture and we did get to spend more time with the other team members which as none of us have worked together previously is a good thing.

It is currently around 3:30 am and I cant sleep any more!  I did well last night, but Avril tells us that she struggled to get any sleep, this is going to be challenging, we start serious work with a very full day tomorrow (Monday) and have no desir eot be falling asleep in the middle of meetings.  The time difference between Taipei and Austin is 14 hours, US East coast 13 hours, UK 8 hours and the US West coast is 16 hours.

We are all trying to adjust to the time difference, everyone was down in the gym yesterday morning at some point in time and one of the challenges our tour guide Samantha (Sam) set herself yesterday was to keep us awake, she did really well although their were at least a couple of nodding heads on the bus on the way back at the end of the day.

You can try taking Melatonin to help reset your daily sleep patterns, I have tried that but not found it significantly reduced the time it takes to adjust, the numbers we read on the web suggest it takes around a day per hour of time difference to adjust, so if we ignore the day difference here as we crossed the international date line, then I am 10 hours (24 – 14 = 10) different than home in Austin, that means we should be done with much of the discovery and debate and be writing our final report before I adjust, a bit of a daunting prospect.  However, those adjustment rates are for athletes to adjust and get back to peak performance, by no stretch of the imagination could I be classified as an athlete so hopefully it will be quicker not slower for all of our team.

Just a couple of final points and then I will try and snooze again until a more reasonable hour,

1. sorry to report Taiwan lost to Cuba in the baseball last night, 14 – 0, see

2. this is “the 101” the second tallest building in the world, there is a movement to get us to visit the top, I am not going! I suffer from terrible vertigo and while I can manage it at lower elevations, this just seems insane to me!  Did I say NOT GOING!


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