Back to work Smarter Cities Houston!

Wow, how can a weekend seem so short!?  It feels like Friday was just yesterday.

Saturday was inspiring to say the least and really made me realize what an incredible impact we are having.   The picture below really says it all for me:

I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes with one of the children who visited the Collaborative for Children to see the Young Explorers!

Last night we went to an excellent Asian fusion restaurant not far from our house.   When I think of Texas, sushi is NOT first food that comes to mind.  Each of us ordered something to meet our own tastes.  Shinichi and I dug right into the sushi and sashimi.  YUM! I even learned a new Japanese word…gari (pickled ginger).  Mike ordered Miso Mac and cheese with shrimp.  There are truly NO words to describe just how good the mac and cheese tasted….I would try but feel it is just futile.  Maybe we need to back and eat it again to see if the words come to us??

Enough said!

On Monday, we were right back to work with a series of meetings with non-profit organizations and city officials.  We have begun dividing up the meetings to cover more ground.  We have reached a point in the Challenge that we must begin formulating our recommendations based on the last week of discovery.  We are in a pretty good position in our understanding of some of the key challenges and have already documented some of our key findings.  We have also started noodling on a couple of solution ideas but do not have anything concrete yet (at least not dry concrete!)

To lighten things up at the end of the long day, I decided to share one of my favorite actors doing impressions.  Kevin Spacey is just absolutely amazing.  Beth, Mike, and Kelly had a few chuckles listening to Kevin.  Check out the video.  I hope it makes you chuckle too.




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  1. Hi Brendan. Would love to publish your perspective on the completed project on Citizen IBM ( Thanks! — Ron Gordon