Smarter Cities Challenge Houston is not ALL work…just mostly!

What a great day today with team members Gary and Shinichi!  The three of us made our way to the Johnson Space Center south of Houston.  Yes, the same place that heard “Houston, we have a problem”.   I had never been to any of NASA’s locations before and this was my chance to see where history made.  The Johnson Space center did not fail.

There were two main highlights of the visit:

Saturn Rocket:   To date the Saturn V rocket is the only vehicle to transport humans beyond low earth orbit.  It is hard to describe just how large this rocket is but I recommend you look at the nice group of people just to the right of the rocket to get a sense.

Historical Mission Control:  This was as special location to visit.  While many of the major space events happened prior to my birth, it is here that the course of space exploration was changed.  As I sat there listening to the tour guide provide details, I could imagine the control room filled with MAWGs (middle aged white guys) who celebrated their successes and unfortunately some failures too.

The mission control was the location for the major accomplishments of the Apollo program….”Houston, the eagle has landed..”

The overall experience at Johnson Space Center is likely not as thrilling as Kennedy Space center.  Kennedy is the pretty face of the NASA world through the rocket launches while Johnson Space Center is the central nervous system.  It is important to remember…the pretty face cannot move without the nervous system!



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