Houston, the eagle has landed….well, actually just Brendan!

After a couple of false starts my flight finally took off from Boston about two hours late.  First, we had what appeared to be a storm of apocalyptic proportions approach Boston.  Second, one of the passengers had a medical episode of some type while the plane was making its way to the runway.  And finally, there was the turbulence…all 4 hours!  This was not exactly the type of beginning I had hoped for.

I am here and the bed and breakfast IBM has rented for us is absolutely gorgeous!  I specifically chose the room with a Texas feel, pine post bed, steer art over said bed and wallpaper with cowboys, guns, horses, and lassos!

I am hoping to learn more about the history of this house and area of Houston.  Once I know more, I will share with all of you (or should I say y’all?).




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